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Android P Beta 3 Latest Version Of The Android

updated on 25 July 2018

Description About Android P Beta 3 

Now android update their latest version. The latest version of the android is called Beta 3 of android P. Android P is the upcoming latest version of the android. Android P Beta 3 includes the latest version bug fixes and optimization for steadiness and circulates together July security updates. That is great method to test your apps now to make sure they are ready before the final release. You can easily get Android P Beta 3 on pixel devices by enroll here.
First, make your app companionable and give your users a faultless change to Android P. Just install your existing app from Google Play on an Android P Beta device or emulator and test -- the app must run and look great, and grip the Android P actions changes correctly. After you've made any required updates, we suggest publish to Google Play right away without shifting the app's display place target.

If you don't have a support device, keep in intelligence that you can in its place set up an Android realistic Device on the Android Emulator for your test location. If you haven't tried the emulator newly, you'll find that it's very fast, boots in fewer than 6 second, and even lets you mock-up next-gen screens -- such as long screens and screens with a present outline.

Next, update your app's target Sdk Version to 28 as rapidly as likely, so Android P user of your app can benefit from the platform's latest sanctuary, custom, and firmness skin tone. If your app is by now target API 26+ in line with Google Play's impending policies, then shifting to objective API 28 must be a small soar. When you change your targeting, make sure your app supports all of the valid performance changes.

It's also major to test your apps for use of non-SDK interface and reduce your reliance on them. As noted newly, Android P limit right of entry to select non-SDK interfaces. Watch for log cat warnings that highlight direct uses of restricted non-SDK interfaces and try the new Strict Mode method detect Non SdkApiU sageto catch accesses programmatically. Where possible, you should move to using public equivalents from the Android SDK or NDK. If there's no public API that meets your use-case, please let us know.

When you're prepared, dive into Android P and learn about the new facial appearance and AP Is that you can use in your apps. To build with the new APIs, just download the official API 28 SDK and tools into Android Studio 3.1, or use the latest version of Android Studio 3.2. Then update your project's accumulate   and target SDk Version to API 28.

Visit the Developer Preview site for details and certification. Also check out this video and the Google I/O Android playlist for more on what's new in Android P for developers.

Publish to Google Play alpha, beta, or production channels
As soon as you're ready, publish your APK updates that are compiled against, or optionally target, API 28. Circulate an update to Google Play during the nibble lets you push updates to offered users to test compatibility on their devices.

To make sure that your updated app runs well on Android P as well as elder versions, a frequent plan is to use Google Play's beta taxing feature. With beta difficult you can get early feedback from a small group of users -- with Beta 3 users — and then do a theatrical rollout to making.

Features of Android P Beta 3

  • New user interface for the quick settings menu
  • The clock has moved to the left of the notification bar
  • Battery saver no longer shows an orange overlay on the notification and status bars.
  • A "screenshot" button has been added to the power options.[8]
  • A new "Lockdown" mode which disables biometric authentication once activated.
  • Rounded corners across the graphical user interface.
  • New transitions for switching between apps, or activities within apps.
  • Richer messaging notifications, where a full conversation can be had within a notification, full scale images, and smart replies akin to Google's new app, Reply.
  • Support for display cutouts.
  • Redesigned volume slider.
  • Battery percentage now shown in Always-On Display.
  • Lock screen security changes include the possible return of an improved NFC Unlock.
  • Experimental features (which are currently hidden within a menu called Feature Flags) such as a redesigned About Phone page in settings, and automatic Bluetooth enabling while driving.
  • DNS over TLS.[9]
  • HEIF support.

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