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Microsoft Word APK 16.0.853.2507 Free Download For Android

Microsoft World latest version free downloads for android Smartphone’s and tablets. This is the original Microsoft Word App android phones and tablets. in Microsoft Word for android you can easily worked on your Smartphone and tablets .this app is specially design for all android version . This version support android 4.4.4 to the latest version android 8.1., The free Microsoft Word you can easily to create a beautiful document. And you can just need to read and make site edit it , then you will save your documents , the Microsoft word provided you to best platform, you can worked with confidencetly . Android Microsoft word is similarly to wands word. Same feature are available on this app. All mean key are display on the top of the app. you can create beautiful document with world. it easy insert textboxes , charts and images with the touch of your fingers. You can access your resent files from any device so you can quick pick up from where you left off. Your files or document are a click away accesses your files you need to with one drive. You can create different drive one drive for business, SharePoint, Google Drive. Box, Drop box support. You can create differed folders and save your documents. You can easily make assignment. How Microsoft Word for android phones

How to used Microsoft
How it to use Microsoft World on Android devices or phones, it sure no easily to convince people to make the switch from their desktops on to the Smartphone. Even when you can come to old system or old media desktop bound function like the word processing , knows days we are connecting a Smartphone to an external monitor or big key board or physical keyboard is easy enough, and using Microsoft Word on android is more portable.

How link Email account to Microsoft word
You can link your email account to Microsoft word . it is optional but new version of the Microsoft word certainly recommendable feature Even though you can choose to use any account you’d like, regardless of its domain, ideally you should use an Outlook/Hotmail/Msn account to associate the rest of your Microsoft tools into one single account. That way you’d be taking full advantage of how seamless and interconnected these functions really can be. In any case, these days Microsoft is much more open, and as we’ll explain further along in this article they are much more willing to work with competing products
Smartphone’s and tablets version of Microsoft. If we link into Microsoft account we easily to access over old files

You can do pretty much everything you might need on a Smartphone without missing much from the desktop versions of Microsoft Office. You’re able to edit existing documents as well as create them from scratch. Saving them on your local device or on the associated cloud is also an option. Without looking any further, it is possible to open files from One Drive, Drop box, Google Drive, and SharePoint. You can even use any other remote access root as a folder file.

Feature of this app
You can easily save you documents
You can create easy assignments
You can’t used keyboard
All the key are appear on the top of the desktop or your mobile screen
You can easy to access you Microsoft account
Latest version or feature is available on this app
File size 67.45 MB
Support to android 4.4.4 to android 8.1
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