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Cydia iOS 10.3.1 Download Free

Cydia iOS 10.3.1 Download Free

This post is only for those who want to free download Cydia iOS 10.3.1 on their iPhone. So, if you were already looking to easily download Cydia iOS 10.3.1 latest version, then you have come to right. Here , on this page we will demonstrate how you can download and install Cydia iOS 10.3.1 on your iPhone  for free, easily without wasting too much time. Most of iPhone users waste their precious time on web to search for the direct download link of Cydia iOS 10.3.1. If you are one of them, then let me tell you that, Cydia iOS 10.3.1 is not available to direct download. we can get it to iPhone by following a simple method, which I am going share here. Below we have provided simple steps to get Cydia on iPhone. For your comfort, also posted complete video guide.

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How to Install Cydia on iOS 10.3.1 :

Below are two methods to download and install Cydia on iOS 10.3.1 firmware .

Note: This Method only works on safari browser. Don’t waste any time trying this through another browser you may be using because it won’t work

Step 1: From your home screen, open the Safari browser and go to downloadcydia.org 
Step 2:Wait for the web page to fully load up and then look for the UP arrow , top right on the iPad and bottom center on your iPhone , tap on it 
Step 3: Wait for some Save options to load on your screen and then select Add to Home Screen 

Step 4: A new name is needed for the app icon so, in the box provided, type in Cydia . Tap on the Add button and wait while the process finishes. 
Step 5: Now you can come out of Safari and find the Cydia app icon on one of your home screens

Video: This will demonstrate these steps for you

If you follow above steps correctly then cydia will get installed on your phone easily. If you like this post, then do share with your friends also. Thanks for visiting.

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